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As a professional photographer, my sole purpose is the truest form of documenting and storytelling. I’m not afraid of the wild, the quirky or weird, the hard to reach, or the seemingly impossible. I’m ready for it! 

My spirit comes alive when I have a camera in my hands. I live to document the most candid and intimate moments. Whether that’s at home or on a wild adventure, portraits, home photography, or intimate elopements, capturing memories as they happen is what I do best. Check out my services below, then let’s connect to start documenting your story.


"Mattie is extremely talented and such a professional to work with!"

I'm a California-based gal that loves getting lost in nature. My suitcase is always packed and am ready to hit the road and travel wherever your love or life story takes us. As your biggest hype girl, together we’ll capture your love story on film as it unfolds, naturally and authentically. So, let’s connect and start planning your unforgettable photos!

For The Light Chasers & Adventure Makers—
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Traveling anywhere love takes us

Wisconsin | November 24-27

New York City / New Jersey
 | December 23 - January 5

San Francisco March 1-3

Colorado | September

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